der ringer


// 20:00 uur

Entree: €5

start // 20:00
entree // 5e

Der Ringer are melancholic cyber post-punks. On their debut „Soft Kill“ these children of cybernetics perform in their own cloud, while delightfully layering filter over filter on top of their already warped self-portrait. The five guys from Hamburg offer us fresh Rock Music that is ecstatic, hardcore-digitalized, disarming and, in the end, quite simply refuses to be Rock Music. It would rather be air. We should give ourselves all the time in the world to experience this band. But their music has that kind of urgency to it that only develops when a band is completely on top of its game: A Band that is not held back by a false sense of nostalgia, but completely rooted in the here and now. Wherever and whenever that might be.