Euromoney Day 1 // De Gym x Zadelpijn


// 21:30 uur

Entree: €5

start // 21:30
entrance // 5,- euro

At the side of the official Eurosonic festival stands Euromoney, a three day long unofficial party residing at one of Groningen’s most vivid alternative spots. Hooking up with organizations like Red Light Radio and Zadelpijn, Euromoney obscures all corners of Oosterstraat 13a, putting additional and freshly renovated spaces to full use. Underground music venue De Gym and nightclub OOST co-host this event. Coffee hang-out BED will serve food during the day. Come enjoy a three day’s worth of enhanced experience and get your Euromoney’s worth cause it’s the last chance you’ve got before cha cha cha changes.

Day 1 De Gym x Zadelpijn

– Firestone
– Charlie & the Lesbians
– Lewsberg
– Fake O’s
– traumahelikopter
– The Jerry Hormone Ego Trip
– Lookapony
– Korfbal
– Cocaine Piss
– The Homesick
– Iguana Death Cult

More info soon..