Lepel: any other // guard llama


// 20:30 uur

Entree: €5

So this one is going to be a great one. I’m not just saying that either I just know.
Alright I don’t really know but I think this night has a reallllly good chance of becoming a great night. Just my guess based on the information I have..
So yeah I would recommend to be at de GYM Friday the 15th of April..
(Be there!)

Any Other (IT)
Is a band from Milan, Italy. And they are amazing!
Their songs have this great 90’s vibe, borrowing from things like Liz Phair and Built to Spill. And modern not-so-modern-sounding bands like Waxahatchee. Indie rock with a kind of singer-songwriter approach of ehmm writing songs…
Songs about honest sounding everyday subjects, that go from small and fragile to loud and intense in a beat.
Just check that youtube session and their album and I will see you at the front


Guard Llama
Is the ‘new’ band in town I guess. Rutger who we all know as that guy that always hangs around Vera.. That guy started writing songs, like real songs, start-finish, about love and stuff, that kind of deal real songs. And now there’s a band and they sound like a real band!
Kind of poppy, kind of slowrock, some melancholy, good stuff.
Also that emo-kid Bas S plays Bass now, so yeah, get in!

Doors: 20:30